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Kiran D

U.S. Small Business Administration Gives 2022 Surety Companies and Agencies Rankings

The USA Small Business Administration announced its highly active surety agencies and companies for the fiscal year 2022. The SBA Surety Bond Guarantee Program enables small businesses to receive crucial backing to compete for major state, federal and local... read more

What are the Benefits of SBA Loans?

SBA or Small Business Administration loans are great for business owners in many ways. Backed by the US federal government, SBA loans offer a fusion of reasonable costs and flexible terms for small business owners. These are just a few. Stay with us as we shed light... read more

Tips to Overcome Customer Service Issues as a Small Business

According to the latest research, 21.5% of businesses fail in the 1st year, 30% in the 2nd year, and 50% in the fifth year. There are many reasons, but poor customer service is the most prominent. Your service quality to the customers speaks volumes about your... read more

5 Ways to Make your Small Business More Sustainable

Small businesses can also have a significant impact on our environment. However, as a business owner it is up to you whether this effect is positive or negative. The environmentally conscious brands are now prioritizing sustainability over anything else.  Buyers are... read more

What are the Proposed Changes to the Federal Acquisition Regulation?

In November 2022, the Government of the USA issued a proposal to amend the Federal Acquisition Regulation. It requires several US government contractors to reveal their GHG – GreenHouse Gas Emissions and other climate-related financial risks. Moreover, it also... read more

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Linda Rawson Speaking

Linda Rawson Speaking

Linda Rawson is a technology entrepreneur considered an expert in the field of government contracting

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