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Hey, I'm Linda

I am the founder of GovConBiz. I am personally responsible for my company, DynaGrace Enterprises, winning millions in federal government contracts and am excited to show you how to do the same.

Let's Go!

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I help entrepreneurs build a business and lifestyle they love

Learn to speak govcon

and grow your business faster

Find which agencies buy

and stop trading time for money

Identify New opportunities

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About Linda

Linda is a technology entrepreneur considered an expert in the field of government contracting; she authored a top-rated book on the subject. She has exceeded expectations and never let various challenges and obstacles impede her path to success.

She finds balance in life by traveling and participating in outdoor activities including raising honeybees.


I have learned so much!

Because of Linda’s book and her sharing her knowledge I have a great start to government contracting. I have successfully submitted my first sources sought response and received a glowing review by the contracting officer.  I am crossing my fingers for a win.


I know how to search for opportunities

Navigating the federal government market place is so overwhelming.  Because of Linda’s step-by-step instructions I was able to register to do business with the federal government and find an opportunity I could submit for.


I finally left my day job!

If anybody had told me I would be an entrepreneur, I would not have believed them.  Because of the education and mentoring I have received from Linda I have successfully left my day job and started a government contracting business.



Government Contracting is different. You must get the answers to unique challenges.

#GovConClub is the only mastermind program exclusively to educate and accelerate a solopreneur, small business, or even large business on how to do business with the largest marketplace in the world, the federal government. Mastermind members are in all stages of business.

Whether your goal is to get introduced, get started, or land your first government contracting deal, this is the environment for you.

Let me in

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GovCon Cheatsheet By Linda Rawson

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