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A Noble Company, Federal Resources Supply, is a reliable supplier of quality security, service contracts, technical solutions, and educational opportunities. Apart from this, it also supplies crucial solutions for first responders and military personnel.

federal contract spending


The company also offers law enforcement, fire safety, maritime, industrial, and military supplies. Due to its exceptional services, the company quickly expanded its buyer base globally. Here is a list of the top federal contracts of this company.

Top Federal Contracts

  • Defense Logistics Agency Grants Special Operational Equipment (SOE) Tailored Logistics Support Program. Under this $33 billion contract, the company will provide equipment and services to federal agencies, authorized customers, and military commands. This agreement is for four two-year and two base years options. The scope includes incidental services, equipment purchases, and miscellaneous supplies like scuba diving equipment, eyewear vision, air purification system, and underwater tools.
  • Department of Homeland Security Needed Services for $2 billion COVID-19 RT-PCR Testing Kits. It was a one-year base contract with four additional year extensions. As per the contract, the company has to distribute Molecular Diagnostic testing services and test kits to the customers. These kits help consumers to avoid virus transmission and combat VOCID-19 efficiently.
  • The contract obliges the company to expand its pandemic response efforts by distributing Molecular Diagnostic test kits and testing services to the Department’s customers. These RT-PCR test solutions allow customers to adapt to the current situation and avoid virus transmission.
  • DOD’s Defense Logistics Agency gives PPE Supplies to Nursing Homes. This $134 million contract included purchasing 64.4 million pairs of gloves, 12.8 million gowns, 1.2 million protective goggles, and 1.8 million masks for medical professionals. These supplies were distributed to more than 15,000nursung homes in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and New Jersey in response to COVID-19. 
  • The Defense Agency Logistics Troop Support gave a 5-year, $70 million contract to the Federal Resources Supply company to provide portable Solar Stik power equipment to HEPP – Heavy Equipment Procurement Program’s customers. It manages the procurement of various commercial heavy machinery for major supplies. It includes construction and agricultural equipment, trucks, cranes, sweepers, and scrubbers. 
  • The U.S. Army Contracting Command gave a $14.6 million contract to the Federal Resources Supply. Under this agreement, the company purchased 20 armored technical manuals, maintenance, training, recovery vehicles, and spare parts. 
  • TACOM – The Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command gave a $19 million, 4-year contract to the Federal Resources Supply. The contract includes supplying specialized equipment to military fighters globally. It also includes the commercial tools and components incorporated to reduce threats from military ship explosions and ground vehicles. 
  • The U.S. The Air Force also gave a contract of $950 million to provide training and support to more than 3,500 Air Force Special warfare authorized users and operators of special warfare platforms. In case you are planning to start your government contracting business, here is a detailed guide for you. 

analysis of federation procurement data system


Bottom Line

These are the top federal government contracts for Federal Resources Supply. You can also get in touch with an expert to understand more about the biggest contracting companies in the USA. In addition, you can get more details on the official websites of  BidNet, Dynamic Small Business Search, and General Services Administration. 


Linda Rawson, who is the founder of DynaGrace Enterprises (dynagrace.com), an 8(a) graduate and EDWOSB, contributed to the content of this blog. She is the founder of GovCon-Biz. For further information, please connect with Linda on LinkedIn, or contact her at (800) 676-0058 ext 101.

Please reach out to us at GovCon-Biz should you have any questions.

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