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small businesses

Tips to Support Small Businesses in Inflation

According to the latest stats, the CPI – Consumer Price Index, rose to 8.6% from May 2021 to May 2022. It is one of the highest increases since 1981. Inflation remains a major concern for around 60% of the leading economies, including the USA in the past few years.... read more

What are the Stages of Small Business Growth?

Every start-up or new business has five stages of growth. All these phases of small business growth face challenges that every company must overcome. It helps you know where your business is in the cycle and lets you find solutions for problems and create growth... read more

10 Best Family Business Ideas That are Future Proof

The history of business has witnessed amazing triumphs in family businesses. Many leading brands started with a family initiative. Well, you can also do something out of the box and use future-proof trending ideas. You will be surprised to know that  62 percent of the... read more

Everything About Small Business Customer Support

Good customer support is one of the most important factors for a small business to achieve its goals. You will be surprised that 54% of customers make decisions about services after evaluating customer service. With new tech trends, little planning, and personalized... read more

The Federal Government is Offering $10B to Small Businesses (Check out all the Information)

The new federal government initiative aims to offer $10Bn funds to small businesses. No, this is not COVID relief funding Because they have already expired. However, an eligible small business can apply for these new funds. So, let’s look at the recent update of... read more

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Linda Rawson Speaking

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