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The Federal Government is Offering $10B to Small Businesses (Check out all the Information)

The new federal government initiative aims to offer $10Bn funds to small businesses. No, this is not COVID relief funding Because they have already expired. However, an eligible small business can apply for these new funds. So, let’s look at the recent update of... read more

How You Can Win an SBIR Contract (Tips to Win SBIR Projects)

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program offers opportunities for entrepreneurs to create solutions to critical issues facing America. It helps innovators gain federal grants for research & development that align with essential U.S. priorities. The... read more

Will I Be Denied For A Federal Contract Job If I Have A MMC (Medical Marijuana Card)

In the US, some states have validated the use of medical marijuana. As a result, 3.6 million patients use the drug for therapeutic purposes with over USD 5.3 billion market size (as of 2020). However, the same is not applicable under federal law. This means if you... read more

Small Business Grants for Women 2022 [Get Free Money To Start Your Biz]

Women entrepreneurs are rocking the corporate world. According to Female entrepreneurship statistics in 2021, women own 31% of small businesses in the US. Fortunately, the government is also supporting females by offering business grants for women. Many other... read more

Small Business Federal Contractors: LinkedIn Marketing Tips to Get Noticed

In today’s time companies want to grow their online presence on LinkedIn but aren’t sure how to figure it out. There are big firms that have already taken ownership over LinkedIn and managing their profiles. Then it becomes even more challenging how to be on the top... read more

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Linda Rawson Speaking

Linda Rawson Speaking

Linda Rawson is a technology entrepreneur considered an expert in the field of government contracting

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