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Roles and Responsibilities of Civil Contractors in Construction Business

The most important person on any construction site is a civil contractor. Though making a building is a team effort, the contractor makes the biggest difference in the project’s success. But what exactly does a civil contractor do? What are his roles and... read more

U.S. Department of Defence Tightens the Screws on Cybersecurity Compliance

The U.S. Department of Defence tightens the screws on cybersecurity which has notified that it’s working on and will soon update and review compliance with contractors. In addition, IT will consider the actions taken to meet cybersecurity standards. With so many... read more

What to Look for in Government Contracting in 2022 – Top Trends

With so much going around lately, the pandemic, President Biden’s second year, and a plan to strengthen the business, you must follow the trends. Likewise, with all the buzz going around, if you’re someone directly or indirectly related to Government... read more

CMMC 2.0 and How it Will Affect DoD Contractors

It’s the third time in five years that the U.S. The Department of Defense (DOD) announced new cybersecurity standards. These comprehensive cybersecurity standards are for government contractors and subcontractors to protect sensitive information. In 2020, 155.8... read more

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Linda Rawson Speaking

Linda Rawson Speaking

Linda Rawson is a technology entrepreneur considered an expert in the field of government contracting

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