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When you talk about technology, Artificial Intelligence comes on the top. AI has become heron of various business industries and its excitement is not going anywhere soon. As the name suggests, AI is a technology that proves its importance and capabilities whenever you use it.  Global stats of AI are forecast to be $126 billion by 2025.


Nowadays, several industries are implementing AI to roll in profits. So, AI is truly a game-changer. The following are some artificial trends that can make a great difference to businesses in 2022:

Virtual Assistants and Chatbots

You must lookout for this AI trend in 2022. Chatbots and virtual assistants will be noticeable as digital experiences establish their foothold across industries due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Natural language processing technology enables chatbots and virtual assistants to help industries to automate routine works done by humans normally.

They are popular for their simple communication style but due to AI advancements, you can see chatbots more in 2022.

Improved Low-Code Technology


As many industries are implementing AI, they started using out-of-box foundation models. AI drastically impacts the development field. Anyone can become a developer thanks to AI in low code technologies. They will be able to explain the problem they want to address in a simple language and AI will create the code.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Cybercrime poses a significant threat to terrorism. When intelligent and complex machines get connected to the network, cybercrimes become uncontrolled. Thus, cybersecurity solutions get more complex.

Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in solving this problem. For instance, AI algorithms can analyse high network traffic and identify patterns of criminal activities. So, the most significant AI technology developments can happen in this area in 2022.

AI-Driven Vehicles 

AI plays the role of the brain of a system in vehicles, like aircraft, cars, or boats. This allows companies to deliver good quality travel experiences. For instance, AI-driven Tesla cars create a breath-taking experience for customers. Moreover, it ensures the prevention of accidents as it has an inbuild AI engine that can foresee upcoming hurdles. So, it is anticipated that artificial intelligence will become an important component of the vehicle industry in 2022.

Creative Artificial Intelligence

Everyone knows that artificial intelligence is very helpful in small businesses like creating great poetry, music, or even video games. You can expect to see models like Google’s Brain that will entirely revolutionize the AI concept. It will define the new boundaries to help you know about more possibilities.

You can see the implementation of AI in everyday tasks like creating newspaper headlines, creating logos or infographics. Though creativity is a skill that belongs to humans, we can see machines do these tasks more.

Quantum AI

Modern businesses will soon use artificial intelligence governed by quantum computing. It will help you to solve business problems quickly as compared to traditional artificial intelligence. Quantum AI gives quick and more precise accurate results and pattern prediction.

Therefore, it helps various businesses to identify unforeseen challenges and bring out feasible solutions. As a result, it will revolutionize various sectors, including chemistry, healthcare, and finance.


Artificial Intelligence is significantly transforming your lives because of its consistent trends. Some of them evolve with time, while others continue innovative. These transformations are a part of your existence that makes your life easier. If you talk about the year 2022, it is obvious that you will need more AI-based devices to make your work more efficient and accessible.

Linda Rawson, who is the founder of DynaGrace Enterprises (dynagrace.com), an 8(a) graduate and EDWOSB, contributed to the content of this blog. She is the founder of GovCon-Biz. For further information, please connect with Linda on LinkedIn, or contact her at (800) 676-0058 ext 101.

Please reach out to us at GovCon-Biz should you have any questions.

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